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Bar Exam Indices

Free Indices Database:

Emond Exam Prep has developed a database of free bar exam indices and study aids that have been shared by past students. Users can download, sort, and rate the materials in the database. There is no cost associated with accessing the database and downloading the materials in it, but free Emond+ membership may be required to download certain resources.

Contributing to the Database:

Beginning May 1, 2023, we invite students to share their 2023-2024 indices through this database in return for $40 off the purchase of a practice exam. Email us with your indices, and we will arrange the discount for you, or an equivalent rebate if you have already purchased a practice exam. Please note that we do not accept partial indices, indices that are from previous years, or indices submitted without the permission of the individual(s) who created them. We reserve the right to decline a submission if it does not meet these requirements.

Accessing the Database:

To access the database, sign into your account (register here). After logging in, navigate to the Indices Database. We encourage you to rate the resources in the database, to help guide other students in choosing the best index.


Emond Exam Prep does not edit, endorse, or guarantee any of the materials available in this database. They were created solely by students, and are posted in the same state that they were submitted. As with any study aid, we advise keeping a critical eye and using a sample exam to practise with your index in advance of the bar exams.

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Licensing Exam Indices Microsoft Word

This student-created set of 2023-2024 bar exam indices may be downloaded in Word (.docx) format using the links below.

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