Exam Prep FAQs

Course Structure & Content

Q.  What is the difference between the webinar and the online course?

A.  The webinar course takes place once annually for both the bar and paralegal licensing examination before the summer exam sittings. The webinar provides candidates with a live, interactive, course presented by professors and practitioners. The online course is a recorded and edited version of the webinar course. The greatest benefit of the webinar course is that the instructors are present to answer questions. The greatest benefit of the online course is flexibility, as you can pause, stop, rewind, and re-watch the videos at your leisure.

Q.   How are the instructors selected?

A.   Our instructors are hand-selected based on their expertise and experience in their respective areas. Instructors are law school and college instructors as well as expert practitioners from leading Canadian law firms. Careful attention is paid to our instructors' ability to make difficult concepts clear and intelligible so that candidates better understand them. This better understanding leads to greater success.

Q.   What is the benefit of purchasing the Emond Exam Prep Premium Course?

A.   The Emond Exam Prep Premium Course provides you with all the tools you could want for your success. The Premium Course includes access to the Online Course, the Live Webinar Course, and the practice exams. This means that you have access to all of our content and you can start your licensing exam preparation at any time. By reviewing the online video archive early in your preparation, you will have a better understanding of your LSO study materials once you commence your self-study. This will also help you get more out of the live webinar course. Please note that the live Webinar Course only takes place once per year before the summer examination writing windows.

Q.  How was the course curriculum for the Paralegal Preparation Course determined?

A.   The lecture outlines for the Paralegal Prep Course are based on the accreditation competencies that the LSO identifies as entry-level competencies. These competencies can be seen on the LSO website. Please note that practice management and jurisdiction and fundamentals of Canadian Law are not part of the Paralegal Prep Course. It is assumed that each candidate has a strong grasp of jurisdiction and practice management from their programs and the LSO study materials. Instead, we focus on those substantive areas that tend to be most challenging for the majority of candidates.

Q.   Are there webinar course options for fall or winter exam sittings?

A.   No, the Webinar Courses are only available before the June and August sittings. During the rest of the year, the Online Courses are available.



Online Courses

Q.  What if I have questions after watching the online lectures?

A.  If you have a question while watching an online course, you can send an email to emondexamprep@emond.ca outlining your question. We will do our best to get in touch with our instructors to relay your question. We also have licensed lawyers and paralegals on staff who are capable of providing you with answers to your questions. If you are having a challenging time with the online lectures and/or your study materials, you may want to consider participating in the Webinar Course where you can interact directly with instructors and get answers to your questions.

Q.   When are the newest videos from the Webinar Courses usually posted?

A.   New Paralegal Review and Emond Exam Prep Webinar Course videos are usually posted in September. If you purchased an Online Course prior to this time, you will receive automatic access to the new videos as they are posted.

Q.  Can I extend the videos beyond the designated rental period?

A.  In the event of special circumstances such as illness or bereavement, or if you defer an exam, Emond Exam Prep can arrange for an extension of your access to the Online Course. This can only be done once your initial access has ended. In order to do this, you will be required to submit a request for extension to us along with your e-receipt showing your credit card authorization and LSO confirmation of your new exam writing window.


Practice Exams

Q.  What are the benefits of a practice exam?

A.   A practice exam is the best way to become familiarized with your LSO materials and indices. It allows you to simulate exam day by answering test questions under timed conditions. Emond Exam Prep Practice Exams try to closely simulate the types and forms of questions you will experience on your actual licensing examination so that you better know what to expect, can practice exam writing techniques to make you more proficient, and helps you better hone your critical thinking skills under examination conditions. Practice exams will also help you identify your strongest and weakest subject areas so that you can strategically adjust your studying and make yourself equally strong across all exam topics.

Q.  Do Emond Exam Prep resources contain any content from the actual licensing exam(s)?

A.  No. Emond Exam Prep supports and upholds the integrity of Ontario's licensing and certification processes. Our exam preparation resources adhere to the rules set by the LSO and other licensing bodies, and do not contain licensing exam questions or content. Our practice exam questions are developed independently to test the publicly stated competencies evaluated on the licensing exams.

Q.  Who writes the practice exam questions?

A.   The practice exam questions are drafted by a team of lawyers and legal education professionals and edited in-house at Emond Publishing. Emond Exam Prep's exam questions are carefully monitored and regularly updated. Our team tracks student responses to the practice exam questions to identify questions that are disproportionately easy or challenging and adjust them accordingly.

Q.  After purchasing a practice exam, how soon can I take it?

A.   You can take the practice exam immediately after purchase. To access your practice exam, log in to your Emond account and navigate to My Account >> Digital Purchases, where the practice exams will automatically appear after purchase.

Q.  What if I can't finish the practice exam in one sitting?

A.   You do not need to finish the entire exam in one sitting. You can log out and log back in as many times as you like before you finish and submit the exam, and the time can be paused or disregarded. Any answers that you complete before logging out will automatically be saved.

Q.  How does the exam timer work?

A.   The timer begins running when you answer the first question, but is no longer visible as you write your exam. A new and improved summary timer report will be provided upon exam completion. This report will include your time performance broken down by subject area and how long it took you to answer each question. If you would like to pause the timer, simply return to the dashboard or close the tab.

If you would like to implement a live count-up timer as you write your practice exams, we recommend candidates use an external timer such as your cell phone’s internal stopwatch feature or a watch. Alternatively, you can download an external phone application such as “Project Timer”. We suggest using an external timer during at least one exam attempt to simulate exam day.

Q.  I am having trouble launching my practice exam. Why?

A.  Javascript must be enabled on your browser for the exam software to function properly. For a step-by-step guide to enabling Javascript on your browser, please click here.



Accessibility Requests

Q.  I have a disability that requires accommodation. What accommodations are you equipped to offer?

A.  Emond Exam Prep is committed to providing reasonable accommodations for qualified individuals with disabilities, in accordance with the Accessibility for Ontarians with Disabilities Act, 2005 and its regulations. To obtain accommodation, please submit your request along with documentation verifying the disability that necessitates the accommodation to Emond Exam Prep at  emondexamprep@emond.ca. Emond Exam Prep does not discriminate on the basis of disability in providing any of its products or services.

Customer Service & Technical Support

Q.  What happens if I fail the exam after purchasing a course?

A.  As per our Emond guarantee, upon failure of the LSO Licensing Examination you can re-take our courses free of charge. You have the option of re-taking the online or webinar version of the course. If you have failed the exam after taking our course, email us with your request for renewal along with proof of results from the LSO, and your course registration e-receipt. We will renew your access to the material on the date of your choice.

Q.  What is the best way to get in touch with someone from Emond Exam Prep?

A.   The best way to contact the Emond Exam Prep team is by submitting a contact request through our customer support link found on our website. You can also email us at emondexamprep@emond.ca. Our customer service team will do its very best to get back to you as quickly as possible. We are closed on evenings, weekends, and holidays but regularly monitor customer inquiries during those times and, in particular, during examination periods.