Why Emond Exam Prep?

Emond Exam Prep?

We have been in your position and understand what you are up against. This is why we work so hard to provide the tools, strategies, and support you need to succeed.

There are few experiences more stressful than preparing for a professional licensing or designation exam. Candidates are expected to learn hundreds of pages of dense material with little support or guidance. The investment of time, money, and energy means sacrificing evenings, weekends, time with loved ones, and other cherished experiences. The stakes are high—failing the exam can crush self-confidence, delay your career, and require repeating the entire experience over again. You don’t want that, and neither do we!

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“The [Emond Exam Prep] course was very helpful. I particularly found it exceptional because the instructors were so knowledgeable and communicated an overview of the courses in such an understandable manner that reassured me and I feel so confident about taking the exam.”

– Lylie Naomie Sanjo


Who We Are

At Emond Publishing, we’re in the business of legal education. Professor Paul Emond published the very first Emond casebook in 1978. More than 40 years later, Emond Publishing is one of the leading publishers of casebooks used in law schools across Canada, award-winning legal practice resources trusted by members of the bar and bench, and textbooks required for Canadian paralegal, immigration, and employment law programs.

Beginning in 2013 with the Barrister and Solicitor review course, formerly known as the CanBarPrep course, Emond’s exam preparation programs have since expanded to serve candidates writing the Paralegal licensing exam, the CICC Entry to Practice Exam, and the CHRP/CHRL Employment Law Exams. Our legal publishing team collaborates with highly qualified lawyers, professors, and legal experts—many of whom authored your college, university, and law school texts—to craft exam preparation resources that candidates can trust will be accurate, challenging, and up-to-date. These resources include practice exams, exam preparation courses, digital flashcards, and other tools that teach exam success strategies and foundational knowledge.

Today, over 10,000 candidates have passed their exams with the help of Emond's exam preparation programs. Our resources are continually updated, adapted, and refined to reflect the feedback of our customers, and to meet the needs of today’s exam candidates. If you are seeking expert guidance, quality study materials, and responsive customer support, Emond is here to help.


What We Offer

Quality Content

Top quality exam preparation materials must be challenging, accurate, and up-to-date. With a team of lawyers and legal education professionals, we regularly revise, update, and improve our resources to ensure they meet the high standard of all Emond publications.

Our Resources

Expert Instruction

In developing our programs, we hand-pick legal experts with years of experience in their fields. They tailor each course lecture to focus on the most difficult content tested on the exam, and draft practice exam questions that will challenge candidates in a realistic way.

Our Experts

Personalized Support

Our team is accessible by email and phone if you need assistance, and we will support you until you achieve success. Beyond the virtual classroom, we offer free resources including exam preparation manuals, a database of bar exam indices, and an online blog.

Our Team

Our Guarantee


An estimated 90% of our customers go on to pass their exams, so we are confident that our resources will equip you for success.

If you do not pass your exam after purchasing Emond’s courses, practice exams, or flashcards, we will renew your access free of charge and will continue to offer our support until you have passed your exam. Simply provide our team with proof of purchase and verification of your exam results including your name and the date.


“The Emond [Exam Prep] course was a lifesaver for the [exam]! I passed after the first sitting and attribute this largely to the high quality of the course materials and instructors. Before I registered for the course, I was overwhelmed with the amount of material that needed to be covered in such a short time frame. Personally, I found that using Emond’s Powerpoint slides to guide my reading in the LSO materials before attending lectures was the most effective strategy for learning unfamiliar concepts and retaining information for the exam. Overall, I can’t recommend this course enough!”

– Amanda Rosenstock


The People Behind Emond Exam Prep


Darren Smith


Darren wrote his licensing exams in 2003 and was called to the Bar in 2004. After his call, Darren worked in private practice for fifteen years, serving as an articling principal and a mentor to junior lawyers.

Since taking the lead at Emond Exam Prep, Darren has channelled his passion for teaching and mentoring into developing the best quality exam preparation materials on the market. In addition to his work developing resources, Darren takes time to regularly speak with candidates, helping them formulate preparation strategies, gain confidence, and overcome challenges. Darren is involved in every aspect of Emond Exam Prep because your success is important to him.


D. Paul Emond


Paul’s passion for education has touched both the academic and publishing world. He began his teaching career at Dalhousie University before moving on to Osgoode Hall Law School, where he launched the first LLM Program in Dispute Resolution in Canada. Over the course of his career, Paul has taught extensively, edited and contributed to major publications, and overseen more than 150 MPRs.

Paul is also the co-founder, owner, and current President of Emond Publishing. He is highly sought after as a workshop leader, trainer, and conference speaker, and he remains committed to enhancing the educational resources and professional development options available to Canadian students.

“I’ve tried several different practice questions, and Emond's were by far the best ones. The software is very straightforward, and having the explanation for the answers helped my preparation a lot.”

– Raquel Vilarinho

“Thank you very much to Emond for the fantastic practice examinations and analytics. I utilized the Emond practice tests in the last few days prior to the exams. My results in these practice tests gave me immense confidence that not only could I pass the exams but also I was able to feel confident that my time-keeping was healthy. I cannot recommend Emond highly enough.”

– Dan Thomas