Immigration Law Series


Emond’s Immigration Law Series

Emond’s new Immigration Law Series offers clear, concise guidance on the practical and procedural aspects of Canadian immigration and refugee law. Ideally suited for lawyers, immigration consultants, and paralegals, this collection covers discrete areas of immigration practice, anchored by the expertise of General Editors Cathryn Sawicki and Chantal Desloges. These titles are authored by legal experts who have years of first-hand experience in the field. Click any title below to view the table of contents and a free sample chapter, or to order your copy today.

Chantal Desloges and Cathryn Sawicki have provided the means for all of us engaged in these areas of law to deepen our understanding of evolving principles, sharpen our advocacy and, ultimately, ensure that the policies set and decisions made about people’s status and protection in Canada are both fair and sound.

- Alex Neve
Secretary General, Amnesty International Canada