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Law School Resources

As one of Canada’s leading legal publishers, we know that law school can be incredibly demanding and challenging. Our goal is to provide students with quality, Canadian-made resources to help them succeed in their legal studies. With this goal in mind, we’ve expanded our law school resources to include more than just casebooks.

This resource hub is a centralized database of reference materials, ranging from introductory legal overviews to case briefs. With the help of current and former law students, we’ve developed this database to include resources that are relevant, useful, and accessible.

Whether you are just beginning your legal studies or entering your final semester, we are confident that you’ll find resources to help you navigate your way to success.

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Emond does not edit, endorse, or guarantee any of the materials available in this database. As with any study aid, we advise keeping a critical eye and performing your own due diligence.

Do not forget that while these resources are detailed and helpful, they are not a substitute for your readings, notes, and lectures. The documents in the database may be thorough, but they will likely not include the same information or insights that your professors provide in class. Additionally, they might not include recent cases or certain cases that are unique to your course reading list.

We strongly recommend using these resources to enhance and improve your own notes, briefs, and summaries, rather than relying on them independently to prepare for your finals.

Case Briefs - Downloadable

Law School Resources

Case briefs, summaries, and outlines will be some of your biggest assets during law school. Each semester, you’ll be required to do hundreds of pages of reading for each of your classes—a task that can seem overwhelming when you factor in extracurriculars, part-time work, and other commitments. These resources can help you gain a better understanding of cases and the law as you prepare for your finals.

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Childs v Desormeaux.pdf

Institution: Osgoode

Duchesne v St. Denis.pdf

Institution: Osgoode

R v Khan.pdf

Institution: Osgoode

R v Stinchcombe.pdf

Institution: Osgoode

Stewart v Pettie.pdf

Institution: Osgoode


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