Deep Dive: A Look at the Latest Features in the Barrister and Solicitor Practice Exams


If you're someone that aspires to pass the Barrister and Solicitor exams with flying colours, the road ahead is about to become much easier. Emond Exam Prep is introducing improved practice exams that are tailored for Barrister and Solicitor hopefuls. These revamped exams are poised to guide students and help get them ready for the challenge of the Bar exams. The exams are so challenging, in fact, that the LSO reported that the Barrister and Solicitor exam pass rates in 2022 were only 71 percent and 69 percent respectively. In this article, we'll advise you on how to take advantage of these resources and be better prepared for the Bar exams. 

How to Access the Practice Exams 

Accessing the practice exams is a simple process. Once on, you can sign into your account and then add the correct exam or exam bundle to your cart. If you don’t have an account with us yet, you’ll be able to create one through the checkout process. After you complete your purchase, click on your name in the top right-hand corner and then Digital Purchases to open your account. When you click on your purchased practice exam, you'll be sent to Emond's Digital Learning Centre—your hub for educational resources. Emond’s Digital Learning Centre isn't just easy to use, but also caters to your specific learning needs.

The Practice Exams

Emond Exam Prep is excited to announce that we are now offering two distinct practice exam formats designed to cater to both Barrister and Solicitor exam preparations. In addition to the well-received Open Practice Exam format, we're thrilled to introduce our brand-new Simulated Exam format. The questions and pricing remain consistent across both formats; the true difference lies in the approach to each practice exam. 

     Open Practice Exam 

Upon starting the Open Practice Exam, a timer counts down a comfortable three-day window to complete the exam. It's crucial to keep in mind that once the timer runs out, your attempt will be automatically submitted. This format provides an excellent opportunity to dive into your notes, refine your indexing skills, and get to know the intricacies of multiple-choice questions. It's also a chance to build confidence while adapting to the question types without the feeling of a time crunch. 

     Simulated Exam 

For those seeking a taste of the actual exam environment, our new Simulated Exam format is the perfect fit. You'll have a strict 4-hour and 30-minute limit, mirroring the conditions of the real-world exam. This heightened pressure enables you to showcase your test-taking knowledge and time management skills. From navigating your index to approaching each question with renewed focus, the clock will be ticking, testing your ability to excel within time constraints. Just like the Open Practice Exam, the Simulated Exam wraps up automatically and submits as the timer ends. 

New Practice Exam Version “B” 

We're excited to introduce a brand new set of Barrister and Solicitor practice exams: practice exam version “B”! We've gone the extra mile by creating a whole new set of distinct questions. These fresh editions bring an additional 160 questions for each of the two practice exams. With the availability of two choices—Practice Exam A and B—you'll have more flexibility to delve into study materials, setting you up for success in your upcoming exams. 

Exam Attempt Options 

Emond Exam Prep recognizes that different students have unique needs when it comes to Barrister and Solicitor Practice exams. To cater to a variety of preferences, we offer three distinct exam attempt options. Once you have purchased your practice exam, version A and/or B, you can choose from the following options that’s located in the Digital Learning Centre:  

4 Open Practice Exams: Ideal for those who prefer a relaxed practice environment.  

4 Simulated Exams: Perfect for simulating the time-constrained intensity of an actual exam.  

2 of Each: Strike a balance by combining both Open Practice and Simulated Exams.  

Once you've made your selection, you'll have a 90-day window from your purchase date to use your practice exams. This ensures that you can adapt your preparation to your schedule and needs. Remember, you have 4 chances to take the exams whenever you like during those 90 days.

Peer Ranking and Performance Comparison

We're thrilled to introduce another new addition to our Barrister and Solicitor Practice exams—the Peer Ranking and Performance Comparison feature. This system offers insights into your performance compared to your fellow exam-takers. Your ranking is tailored to your specific exam version, creating a personalized experience. For instance, your ranking in Barrister Practice Exam A will be different from that in Barrister Practice Exam B. It's important to note that all user rankings are completely anonymous, ensuring total privacy. 


Emond Exam Prep has paved a smoother path for those striving to excel in the Barrister and Solicitor exams. These exams are more than just a test; they're comprehensive guides designed to navigate the challenges ahead. Given the demanding nature of these exams—where pass rates in 2022 stood at only 71 percent and 69 percent for Barrister and Solicitor respectively—the need for effective preparation cannot be overstated.  

From versatile exam formats to the introduction of Practice Exam Version "B," Emond Exam Prep ensures you're equipped with the best tools for success. Moreover, the flexibility of attempt options and the addition of the Peer Ranking and Performance Comparison feature add an extra layer of value, making your preparation journey even more rewarding. So, as you set your sights on conquering the Barrister and Solicitor exams, remember that Emond Exam Prep stands as your unwavering partner in achieving your legal aspirations.