The Canadian Justice System: An Overview, 4th Edition

The Canadian Justice System: An Overview, 4th Edition
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August 2017
Introductory Law; Law Clerk; Paralegal

"The book treats law and learning about law as ongoing, fluid, changeable, challenging and fun. Its stated goal is to lay the foundation for ongoing learning. I am confident that it will do so for each and every reader."

—Justice R. James Williams, Supreme Court of Nova Scotia

Designed for those who are planning careers in the Canadian justice system or who will be working with people impacted by various aspects of the system, this text provides the foundational knowledge needed to understand the way the various facets of the Canadian justice system work.

Covering where our laws come from, why they are implemented in a particular way, how they are used, by whom and when, the book provides the background required by anyone beginning a practical study of Canadian laws.

Who Will Benefit?
This title will benefit anyone pursuing a career in the Canadian justice system, in particular:

  • Law Clerk, Paralegal and Law Students – the book provides a comprehensive overview for all students entering the legal field. This text provides an overview of the sources of law and its application in Canada. Each chapter provide a brief introduction and a list of key terminology to provide structure and guidance to the reader.
  • Police Officers – the book provides information regarding criminal law and criminal procedure of fundamental importance to police officers as well as instruction on how to read statutes and how to distinguish between laws that are created by the federal, provincial, territorial or municipal levels of government. The book also provides information on civil and administrative law and explains how such law can impact the daily functioning of a police officer.
  • Correctional Workers – someone interested in a career in this field will benefit from the book's explanation of the division of law-making responsibilities and of the limits set by government-created statutes (these statutes grant the initial power to provide correctional services and regulations, which set parameters on how that power is exercised).
  • Social Workers, Victim Support Workers and Mediators – the book provides the background required to explain the workings of the criminal justice system to clients.

New in This Edition

  • New coverage of internationally trained lawyers
  • Revised commentary on the concept of Ultra Vires
  • Updated discussion on statutory construction
  • New commentary on the three categories of justice: civil, criminal, and administrative
  • Updated discussion of caselaw on vicarious liability, trespass, negligence and other torts
  • Reflects changes to the Parole Board of Canada
  • Discusses changes to trends in the Canadian justice system
  • New criminal law content on charging, compelling appearance, trials and sentencing
  • Fresh case and statutory examples are analyzed, with additional material for in-class discussion purposes

Chapter 1: Law-Related Careers and the Canadian Justice System
Chapter 2: Sources of Law – Statutes
Chapter 3: Sources of Law – Common Law
Chapter 4: General Categories in the Justice System
Chapter 5: Civil Justice System – Torts
Chapter 6: More Civil Justice System Concepts
Chapter 7: Administrative Law
Chapter 8: Criminal Law – The Big Picture
Chapter 9: Criminal Law – Charging and Compelling Appearance
Chapter 10: Criminal Law – Trial Issues
Chapter 11: Criminal Law – After Conviction
Chapter 12: Trends In the Canadian Justice System
Appendix 1: Glossary of Terms
Appendix 2: Excerpts From the Constitution Act, 1867
Appendix 3: Constitution Act, 1982
Appendix 4: Sample Statutes
Appendix 5: Sample Cases

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