Conflict Management in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition

Conflict Management in Law Enforcement, 3rd Edition
Emond Publishing
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December 2011
ADR, Mediation, Conflict Resolution, and Arbitration; Policing, Security, and First Responders

Police officers are generally called to a dispute when the parties involved cannot deal with an escalated situation. Not only must the responding officers have the legislative and procedural knowledge to safely intervene, they must also have the skills to communicate, counsel, mediate, advise, protect, and console in conflict situations — and perform these feats every day on the job.

Written for students working toward a profession in policing, the third edition of Conflict Management in Law Enforcement exposes students to relevant situations that they will encounter in their future policing career, and provides examples of safe procedures to follow to enhance the likelihood of successful interventions. Author James Pardy introduces two common problem-solving modes, CAPRA and PARE, and applies these models to scenarios described in the text. By understanding how CAPRA and PARE are used, students will learn how to relate that knowledge to situations they encounter in their professional future. Pardy discusses other key topics, including intervention techniques; recognizing risk; officer safety; child, spousal, and elder abuse; psychological disorders; suicide intervention; and victims of crime.

The third edition also includes self-study exercises — taken from actual occurrences — that will help students apply the knowledge and skills that they have gained throughout the course.

  • New tables and figures to help visual learners, reinforce key concepts, and add visual appeal
  • Expanded and updated discussion of post-traumatic stress disorder
  • New Learning Activities to aid comprehension and allow students to apply what they have learned throughout the course
  • Updated legislative forms
  • New section on self-injury in the context of mental illness and mental disorders
  • New table providing detailed and updated statistics on police-reported crimes in Canada

Chapter 1: Stress in Conflict and Crisis Situations
Chapter 2: The Nature of Conflict
Chapter 3: Problem Solving
Chapter 4: Child Abuse
Chapter 5: Spousal Abuse
Chapter 6: Elder Abuse
Chapter 7: Mental Illness and Psychological Disorders
Chapter 8: Suicide
Chapter 9: Crime Victims


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