Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law: A Practitioner's Handbook, 2nd Edition

Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law: A Practitioner's Handbook, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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September 2018
Immigration and Refugee Law

The second edition of Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law: A Practitioner’s Handbook is a timely update to this Emond best-seller. This edition has been revised to ensure that both the foundational and advanced aspects of immigration and refugee law are comprehensively explored.

Procedures, practices, and legislation are contextualized using real-world events for a truly practical analysis of the complexities and nuances of immigration law. Lawyers and consultants looking to better serve the needs of their clients will find this guide invaluable to their practice.

  • Foreword by John McCallum, Canada’s Ambassador to the People’s Republic of China; formerly Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship
  • Improved tips on humanitarian and compassionate requests
  • Updates on legislative and processing changes to family class sponsorships
  • Discussion of irregular border crossings and how this has affected inland refugee processing, including controversy over the Safe Third Country Agreement
  • Practical guidance on how to prepare yourself and your client for a refugee hearing
  • Added context and improved tips regarding overseas refugee processing
  • Pin-point referencing to relevant legislation and the IRCC website, so readers can easily refer to the source of information provided
  • An outline of the latest citizenship legislation
  • Helpful diagrams and charts to illustrate key concepts

Part I: The Fundamentals of Immigration and Refugee Law
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Decision-Makers
Chapter 3: Admissibility

Part II: Temporary Resident Status
Chapter 4: Temporary Resident Status–Introduction, Visitors, and Temporary Resident Permits
Chapter 5: Temporary Resident Status–Students and Workers

Part III: Permanent Resident Status
Chapter 6: Permanent Resident Status–Introduction and Residency Requirements
Chapter 7: Family Class
Chapter 8: Express Entry and Economic Class
Chapter 9: Humanitarian and Compassionate Consideration

Part IV: Citizenship
Chapter 10: Citizenship

Part V: Refugee Law
Chapter 11: Refugees and Protected Persons
Chapter 12: Refugees Abroad and Humanitarian Resettlement Programs
Chapter 13: Refugee Determination System in Canada

Part VI: Enforcement
Chapter 14: Immigration Hearings and Detentions

Part VII: Appeals
Chapter 15: Appeals

Part VIII: Legal Professionals
Chapter 16: Regulating the Practice of Immigration, Refugee, and Citizenship Law

"As one who looks at immigration from a data and policy perspective, reading Canadian Immigration and Refugee Law: A Practitioner’s Handbook deepened my understanding of legal perspectives and experience in supporting clients through the various immigration and refugee processes. Practitioners Chantal Desloges and Cathryn Sawicki (we follow each other on Twitter) have compiled a comprehensive and practical handbook that I found particularly useful in deepening my understanding of the intricacies of immigration policies."

Read the full review here.

—Andrew Griffith, former Director General, Citizenship and Multiculturalism Branch,
Department of Citizenship and Immigration
Excerpt from Multicultural Meanderings

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