Approaching Public Administration: Core Debates and Emerging Issues

Approaching Public Administration: Core Debates and Emerging Issues
Emond Publishing
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December 2010
Public Law and Public Administration

This book fills the need for a student resource that goes beyond the traditional textbook format, and allows students to explore the core practical and theoretical questions in this field. Far from simply academic concerns, many of these debates resonate closely with today's headlines. They are, in essence, the basic questions at the heart of how our public service operates — or should operate — and how it can best serve the public.

Brief, focused, and clearly written, the selections include contributions from many of Canada's leading lights in the field. Alongside new pieces are reprints of several classic essays that every student of public administration should be familiar with. Rounding out the collection are a selection of brief readings that explore recent and emerging issues in the field, and are designed to further enhance classroom discussion and debate.

The book is appropriate for courses in public administration and public sector governance, for both undergraduate and graduate levels.

"This comprehensive collection brings to readers a wonderful mix of debates and perspectives on the enduring themes and contemporary challenges of public management, creatively tapping into the insights of several generations of scholars. It will provide instructors with a useful and lively means for engaging students in courses on public administration."

Evert Lindquist, University of Victoria

Making It Happen: An Introduction to Public Administration in Canada (Barbara Wake Carroll)

Part 1: Fundamental Concepts and Theoretical Debates

  1. Do Contemporary Theories of Public Administration Have More Influence Than Classical Ones? (Roberto P. Leone, Frank L. K. Ohemeng)
  2. Do Politicians Control Government? (Greg L. Flynn, Jonathan Craft)
  3. Should the Bureaucracy Be Politically Neutral? (Herman Finer, Donald C. Rowat, Seymour Martin Lipset)
  4. Should the Public Sector Be Run Like a Business? (Sandford Borins, Donald J. Savoie)

Part II: Accountability

  1. Is Ministerial Responsibility a Dead Concept? (Tom Urbaniak, B. Timothy Heinmiller)
  2. Do Performance Management Systems Lead to Better Accountability and Governance? (Mohammad Ehsan, Julie M. Simmons)
  3. Do Institutions Responsible for Parliamentary Oversight Offer Better Tools for Scrutinizing and Improving Governance? (Robert Shepherd, Christopher Stoney)
  4. Should Whistleblowing Be Encouraged in the Public Service? (Shaun Young, Christian Bordeleau)

Part III: Reform and Management Issues

  1. Should Canadian Governments Be Required by Law to Run Balanced Budgets? (J.P. Lewis, Geneviève Tellier)
  2. Should Governments Use the Private Sector to Deliver Public Services? (Charles Conteh, Lorna Stefanick)
  3. Is Employment Equity Fair and Necessary? (H.T. Wilson, Conrad Winn, Brian Lee Crowley)
  4. Is E-government Radically Transforming Public Administration? (Jeffrey Roy, Tuna Baskoy & Anne Bermonte)

Part IV: Emerging Issues (Selected Readings)

  1. New Political Governance (Peter Aucoin)
  2. Using the Tools of the 21st Century: Open Data and Wikis (David Eaves)
  3. Foundations of Governance: Municipal Government (Robert Young)
  4. Federal Accountability Regimes and First Nations Governance (Michael J. Prince)
  5. Aspects of Leadership (Searching for Leadership, Patrice Dutil; Training Canada's Leaders, Tim A. Mau)
  6. Emerging Trends in Public Service Employment (Public Service Commission of Canada)


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