Provincial Offences for Paralegals

Provincial Offences for Paralegals
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July 2012
Paralegal; Provincial Offences

Designed to meet the Law Society of Upper Canada’s provincial offences/motor vehicle offences course requirements, Provincial Offences for Paralegals clearly sets out the procedures involved in laying and prosecuting charges under provincial legislation. In a straightforward and engaging manner, authors Jennifer Zubick and Steve Weir guide students through the different procedural streams and charging documents; the classification of offences and available defences; and the anatomy of a trial. Practice tips throughout the text complement the subject-specific knowledge students will gain, offering invaluable advice that will help them build and maintain their reputations as professionals in their future careers.

Beginning with an overview of the Provincial Offences Act and a discussion of the roles and responsibilities of the actors involved in a prosecution, Provincial Offences for Paralegals traces the process of a client being charged, arrested, and tried. It outlines the choices available to a paralegal at each stage, and describes the processes and techniques for entering pleas; filing motions, applications, and appeals; and interviewing and questioning witnesses. The principles of sentencing are discussed, and the steps that a paralegal should take following a satisfactory or an unsatisfactory outcome at trial are set out. Following the procedural discussion, the authors offer in-depth coverage of offences and defences under key provincial legislation, including the Highway Traffic Act, Liquor Licence Act, Environmental Protection Act, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Trespass to Property Act, Blind Persons Rights Act, Dog Owners Liability Act, and relevant municipal legislation.

Provincial Offences for Paralegals will appeal to students as a roadmap to an important area of their future practice.

  • Practice Tips provide practical take-away advice that students can apply in their careers
  • Review questions allow students to assess their understanding of the material and apply their knowledge to real-world scenarios
  • Full text of the Provincial Offences Act included for quick reference in classroom environments and professional practice
  • Inclusion of commonly used forms under the POA helps students gain familiarity with requisite documentation
  • Schedule 43 and Regulation 339/94 to the HTA (Demerit Points) included as appendixes

Chapter 1: An Overview of the POA
Chapter 2: Roles and Responsibilities
Chapter 3: Procedural Streams
Chapter 4: Classification of Offences
Chapter 5: Your Client Has Been Charged
Chapter 6: Your Client Wants to Plead Guilty
Chapter 7: Your Client Wants to Request a Trial Date
Chapter 8: Preparation for Court
Chapter 9: Motions and Applications
Chapter 10: What to Expect When You Enter the Courtroom
Chapter 11: The Trial
Chapter 12: Sentencing
Chapter 13: Following Up with a Client
Chapter 14: Reopenings and Appeals
Chapter 15: Common Highway Traffic Act Offences
Chapter 16: Other Common Acts

Appendix A: Full Text of POA
Appendix B: Common POA Forms
Appendix C: Schedule 43 to the HTA
Appendix D: Demerit Points Regulation 339/94
Appendix E: Modernization of the POA

Legislative References

  • Instructor's Guide
  • Teaching Notes
  • PowerPoint Presentation
  • Test Bank (Instructor and Student Versions)

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