Introduction to Law in Canada, 2nd Edition

Introduction to Law in Canada, 2nd Edition
Emond Publishing
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February 2019
Introductory Law

Introduction to Law in Canada, 2nd Edition is a comprehensive overview of the legal system, suitable for any program that includes introductory courses on Canadian law. This text builds on the existing structure of the best-selling first edition to substantially explore the nature of law, common and civil law systems, Canada’s constitutional framework, and the legal industry in practice.

Changes to this edition include a new chapter on international law, updates to its numerous figures and examples, and streamlined coverage of legislation and legal ethics. This text also features discussion surrounding recent cases and issues pertaining to Indigenous rights, civil liberties, duties of good faith in contracts, and electronic commerce. Additionally, attention is paid to how the law applies in various regions across Canada, as well as how international law interacts with domestic law.

This text’s organized, pan-Canada approach combined with its wealth of examples makes it the ideal resource for any course concerned with introducing the intricacies of Canada’s legal system.

  • A new chapter on international law
  • Updated statistics, legislation, legal cases, and examples
  • Full-colour illustrations, tables, figures, and maps
  • Classroom discussion questions
  • Satisfies LSO competencies for introduction to law courses for paralegals
  • PowerPoint slides, instructor’s guide, and test bank for adopting instructors

Part I: Theory and Context
Chapter 1: What Is Law?
Chapter 2: Common Law, Civil Law, and Other Legal Systems
Chapter 3: From the Reception of English and French Law into Canada to the Charter

Part II: Law and the Canadian Constitution
Chapter 4: The Legislature: The First Branch of Government
Chapter 5: The Executive: The Second Branch of Government
Chapter 6: The Judiciary: The Third Branch of Government
Chapter 7: Civil Liberties

Part III: Key Subject Areas in Law
Chapter 8: Private Law I: Tort Law and Contract Law
Chapter 9: Private Law II: Property Law and Family Law
Chapter 10: Business and Consumer Law
Chapter 11: Administrative Law
Chapter 12: Criminal Law
Chapter 13: Public International Law
Chapter 14: Other Areas of Law: An Overview

Part IV: Working with the Law
Chapter 15: The Legal Profession
Chapter 16: Legal Ethics
Chapter 17: Access to Justice and Law Reform

Appendix A: Constitution Act, 1867
Appendix B: Constitution Act, 1982


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Introduction to Law in Canada, 2nd Edition

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