Canada's Resource Economy in Transition: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Staples Industries

Canada's Resource Economy in Transition: The Past, Present, and Future of Canadian Staples Industries
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Business and Economics; Politics and Government

While Canada was founded upon and has grown prosperous due to its wealth of natural resources, its staples sector currently finds itself in a period of transition at the dawn of the 21st century.

Long-established industries such as mining, oil and gas, fisheries, forestry, hydroelectricity, and agriculture now exist within an increasingly diversified and high-tech global economy, and face many political, social, and economic challenges as they adapt to a rapidly changing world.

Creating and compounding these challenges are the overarching threats of environmental degradation and resource depletion, and the emergence of complex regulatory and governance regimes intended to deal with these and other issues.

Canada’s Resource Economy in Transition draws on experts in various fields to provide an understanding of the theory, history, and future directions of Canada’s staples industries.

Part I: Introduction

  • Chapter 1: Toward a Post-Staples State? (Michael Howlett & Keith Brownsey)

Part II: The Post-Staples State in Theory and Practice

  • Chapter 2: The (Post) Staples Economy and the (Post) Staples State in Historical Perspective (Adam Wellstead)
  • Chapter 3: The Reconstruction of Political Economy and Social Identity in 21st-Century Canada (Thomas A. Hutton)

Part III: Consumption Industries: Agriculture and the Fisheries

  • Chapter 4: The Two Faces of Canadian Agriculture in a Post-Staples Economy (Grace Skogstad)
  • Chapter 5: The New Agriculture: Genetically Engineered Food in Canada (Elizabeth Moore)
  • Chapter 6: The Canadian Fisheries Industry: Retrospect and Prospect (Gunhild Hoogensen)
  • Chapter 7: Caught in a Staples Vise: The Political Economy of Canadian Aquaculture (Jeremy Rayner & Michael Howlett)

Part IV: Extraction Industries: Minerals and Forests

  • Chapter 8: Shifting Foundations in a Mature Staples Industry: A History of Canadian Mineral Policy (Mary Louise McAllister)
  • Chapter 9: A New Staples Industry? Complexity, Governance, and Canada's Diamond Mines (Patricia J. Fitzpatrick)
  • Chapter 10: Knotty Tales: Forest Policy Narratives in an Era of Transition (Jocelyn Thorpe & L. Anders Sandberg)
  • Chapter 11: The Future of Non-State Authority in Canadian Staples Industries: Assessing the Emergence of Forest Certification (Benjamin Cashore, Graeme Auld, James Lawson, & Deanna Newsom)

Part V: Transmission Industries: Oil & Gas and Water

  • Chapter 12: The New Oil Order: The Staples Paradigm and the Canadian Upstream Oil and Gas Industry (Keith Brownsey)
  • Chapter 13: Offshore Petroleum Politics: A Changing Frontier in a Global System (Peter Clancy)
  • Chapter 14: From Black Gold to Blue Gold: The Emerging Water Trade (John N. McDougall)
  • Chapter 15: The Political Economy of Canadian Hydroelectricity (Alex Netherton)


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